Slave to Ancestors Eyewear New Collections

Slave to Ancestors glasses are born from the strong passion of Elia Olivieri and Daniele Marconetti, the designers of SLAVE TO ANCESTORS, are attracted by the idea of combining the uniqueness of handmade products with a product such as glasses. To make them, they also use unrepeatable materials: leather and hides, sometimes refined and unusual, often expensive, others sometimes very simple. SLAVE TO ANCESTORS may seem like an old shop, with bulk tools, stacked goods, where the hiss of the printer is subjected to the blows of the hammer that works. You will smell the ancient smell of leather while finding yourself in a modern atelier, where computers appear among pieces of leather and jars of colors. That leather that was once destined to become the sole of a shoe, will now be an inseparable alternative. But don't stop here, look!