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Doriano Mattellone entered a design studio on tiptoe and full of curiosity in 2009, after spending thirty years in the company of wood.

His knowledge of the material led him to the search for a different look at "his" material, a look capable of giving life to a finished project.

This is how Matteo Ragni and Doriano Mattellone meet. And that's how W-Eye was born, a brand that in many ways is extraordinary.

W-Eye glasses begin during the choice of 0.5 mm thick wood sheets, selected according to their mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

The sheets of wood alternate with the two sheets of aluminum, intercalating the fibers longitudinally and transversely, so that the composite material is flexible and resistant at the same time.

The glue is passed and the frame remains under the press for 40 minutes. Once the excess glue has been removed, a numerical control milling machine cuts the eyewear based on a digital drawing.

Finally, each piece is smoothed, beveled, and manually joined.

Its strength and elasticity is checked, as well as the quality of surfaces and finishes, which must be free of defects.

Painting is the last step and serves to protect the wood from premature aging.

It is easy to talk about uniqueness, sartorial workmanship, hand finishing, losing the real meaning of these descriptions.

Every W-Eye eyewear is controlled manually because only with the hands and eyes can the tactile quality and unique aesthetics be tested.

The elasticity and lightness of the glasses, which adapts perfectly to every face, respects the singularity of each face and every look.

The absence of hinges helps to create the feeling of comfort and pleasantness, thanks to the more equal distribution of weights on the face, giving life to an object that can no longer be waived.

All W-eye glasses are customizable. You can also choose them in different sizes for the bridge and the front. At the end of the realization they are marked with a sophisticated laser system

affecting the traceability of the glasses and, upon request, personalization.

In this way, each pair of glasses remains a unique piece forever.

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