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The company SWISSHORN EYEWEAR AG near Baden successfully established itself in 2003 in the global eyewear market. SWISSHORN EYEWEAR AG offers many rare and irreplaceable qualities compared to its competitors. The personal and individual collaboration with the opticians allows to realize even special customer wishes.

Every day, in Ehrendingen, above Baden, a skilled craftsmanship transforms the natural horn into a noble material in the most exclusive fashion of glasses, designed and processed for the main opticians and their demanding customers. In addition to the high-quality collection of natural horns, SWISSHORN EYEWEAR AG has also turned its attention to future wearers of glasses. As the official Swiss partner of IVKO GmbH, SWISSHORN EYEWEAR AG has the largest selection of collections in the range of children's glasses and provisional sizes.

The concept of a customer-oriented manageable company with two completely different product lines to be established has proven to be valid and provides a solid foundation. With motivation, energy and a clear goal to achieve the best, SWISSHORN EYEWEAR AG is moving towards the future.

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