W-EYE Italian wood excellence in Frank Lo 2021

In 2008, W-eye eyewear was born in an area of ​​Friuli and Frank Lo has had the pleasure of collaborating with this Italian excellence for several years.Frank Lo and W-eye choose the shapes and combinations of materials to create exclusive eyewear, with unique finishes.The main element of W-eye creations is the high quality wood together with the use of aluminum that makes the glasses elastic and more comfortable.The W-eye project combines technology and craftsmanship, a path that arises from the creation of an innovative material, which is made using traditional techniques aimed at reducing energy consumption. The precision of the work done with numerical control milling machines, combined with a meticulous manual finishing are the cornerstones for obtaining a high quality product. Particular attention has been paid to an essential aspect of the frame, the correct fit. It is possible to choose the size of the bridge, the front and the length of the rod according to your needs, also creating your own style thanks to a wide choice of woods and different materials, all hypoallergenic and nickel-free. between them they create the W-eye project, a balance between precision and personalization, between aesthetics and comfort, fundamental requirements for an optimal visual quality

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