Nina Mûr was founded by Davide Fichera (Italian) and Lorena Serrano (Spanish), two designers who are also a couple in real life.

So they created a micro-industry in Madrid, where they design and produce their glasses one by one, starting from the raw birch sheet ..

They come from architecture and design and are passionate about art and decoration. That's why they constantly seek synergies and collaborations with artists, designers, architects ...

Nina Mûr products are also sold in museums and furniture stores such as the Thyssen National Museum, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Batavia, etc ...

The wood used is Finnish birch from sustainable and replanted forests, with FSC certification.

The last layer is a high pressure laminate. Made with pressed paper. The same employees in the furniture world. Extremely resistant.

The resistance of the plywood is already conferred by the production of the wooden slab which provides for the curved assembly of thin birch sheets glued one by one; a reason why both the shape and the structure will not change over time.

It takes more than 17 hours of pressing to ensure their stability.

Milling is computerized numerically controlled (CNC) to ensure maximum precision in cutting and chamfering.

They are sanded, painted and assembled by hand, one by one.

The lightweight Nina Mûr glasses are resistant to water and extreme temperatures.

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