Rigards Eyewear new collection 2020

Rigards glasses with a recognizable style are present exclusively in Rome by Frank Lo, with particular aesthetics and avant-garde spirit. Clean elegance and the use of materials such as natural horn, copper, silver and aluminum have made the Rigards glasses all over the world. Unique and exclusive with a material effect, Rigards glasses can be worn and loved by a heterogeneous public highlighting the materiality expressed with original shapes and designs. All Rigards glasses are rigorously handmade using techniques consolidated over time reviving the virtues of the past with ingenuity and modern sensitivity with the possibility of being produced and available with different sizes for the Asian and western people , to offer maximum comfort on the face. Important and valuable are the collaborations for Rrigards glasses present by Frank Lo in Rome with Uma Wang, The Viridi-Anne, Ziggy Chen and Amadei.

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