Frank Lo and Ottica Gallia presented the new 2020 collection of Masahiro Maruyama high-level Japanese designer. In the Kawada district, in the city of Sabae, in the prefecture of Fukui, there is a factory of ancient tradition, where Masahiro Maruyama's eyewear are made with the highest and perfection. The use of titanium and acetate embellish Masahiro's shapes and designs, which have asymmetry as their main feature, making Masahiro Maruyama eyewear a unique concept of its kind and demonstrates this in this collection, the materials are superimposed with the possibility to customize them to your taste. Masahiro Maruyama glasses meet the transversal taste of many enthusiasts both young and old and the details of these splendid eyewear place Masahiro Maruyama in the best stores in the world.Over the years Masahiro Maruyama has introduced several collections ... DESSIN the first with imperfect lines and clean and essential designs, the second COLLAGE using a technique that produced artistic effects by combining different materials. The third CUT using an unfinished technique where the edges are cut to the shapes giving a unique impression.2 SIDE the fourth collection of Masahiro Maruyama glasses is characterized by a contradictory design where the back and the front are inverted, but always with a result of balance.STRAIGHT the fifth collection focuses on shapes of glasses with irregular lines, with straight and imperfect lines that are then eliminated during the manufacturing process. With BROKEN the sixth collection there is a reconstruction of the broken completeness ... small broken but united segments and a union of colors of materials.ERASE the seventh where in this phase the lines alternate bottom and top asymmetrically creating a strep effect itoso and unico.Poi with TWIST the parts of the bridge of the glasses undergo a real twist giving an aesthetic movement to the glasses making it unique. With the latest creation of the 2020 Doodle there is the overlapping of shapes with the possibility of to be able to customize the glasses, enhancing the individual's personality. Masahiro Maruyama simply a genius !!!

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