A chat with Massimiliano Savo, owner, together with his lovely wife Michela, of Frank Lo:
"My dream was to become an artist, but during my adolescence I was struck by the charm of glasses and, after graduating, I began working with old-fashioned opticians. One of these was a shop whose clientele was composed of upper middle class professionals, politicians and actors. I realized that I wanted to offer frames of a certain standard without imposing mental limits. I moved to Bologna to manage a major store in the city center. This experience allowed me to challenge myself in a new environment, different from that of my own city and, more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to discover collections that had a different concept from what I knew. Then I met Michela, a beautiful Venetian girl with refined taste, who gave me the push I needed to embark on the important path that led, in 1996, to the opening of Ottica Gallia in Rome and in 2012 Frank Lo was born in Via del Leone, near Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, that is one of the most chic in the Capital. The name Frank Lo was chosen for Francesco and Lorenzo - my sons - who deserve, together with my wife and myself, this professional growth."

"The space was designed, just like Ottica Gallia, by the architect Gaia Pagani, according to our suggestion to be inspired by the 50’s Swedish style with modern influences. The idea was to give the perception of craftsmanship in its essence. Made by skilled craftsmen who perfectly reflect my way of being, the location is cozy and there is a lounge where you can take a moment and enjoy a good glass of wine and delicious macaroons.
Frank Lo is located in a medieval building and has a kind of 'underground' path where you can discover, next to the glasses, also various cultural influences. Some items of furniture are the fruit of our trips to London and Paris.
Both my wife and I are always looking for interesting ideas and carefully observe those who can express important concepts with good taste and simplicity."

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