Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

Frank Lo presents the new 2020 collection Hoffman natural buffalo horn glasses. Since 1978 Hoffman produces and manufactures natural horn glasses with high professionalism and absolute level capacity. Frank Lo has been in his stores for over 20 years of the most important professionals to represent the entire Hoffmann collection at a European level and has fun designing new, avant-garde shapes where the excellent manufacturing of Hoffmann production achieves by enhancing the uniqueness of the product. Compared to the rest of the Hoffmann market is the leading company of this splendid product, great class associated with a lightness of absolute exclusivity .... Who wears Hoffmann's horn glasses has the right sensitivity to have certainly chosen the top of the material and the awareness of have an eternal eyewear .... as it is the only material that has the possibility of being repaired in the event of breakage. The shapes of the Hoffmann glasses are simple but great collaborations with Ralph Vaessen and Maybach, icons of luxury, are also suitable for any public and interesting.

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