4SEE Eyewear Retail Report

Founded by Massimiliano Savo in Rome and Famous in Italy since many years, Frank Lo Optical Store is an international landmark for handcrafted glasses and accessories. Every piece is unique  and characted by special and precious materials like buffalo Horn,

marble, silver, leather, wood, cotton, gold.

All the  handcrafted pieces from Japan, Italy, France, Canada, Los angeles, Germany, England attract our visitors ready to have an amazing sensory journey in Frank Lo.

To our store is possible to customize everything with special and colourfull lenses. Our selling filosofy is to have only one piece for every color of shape for giving to our clients the best exclusivity possible.

Frank Lo collaborates with the best international designers supporting many emerging artists.

Design and avant-garde are two of the keywords of Frank Lo's style. Massimiliano Savo's mission is that to remember everyone about the power of beauty and unicity.

One of the best loved material in Frank Lo is the precious natural Buffalo horn.

Frank Lo's customers are celebrities, important artistic personalities, people full of sensibility about exsclusive and different objects. Supported by Massimiliano and his staff everyone is able to choose his special eyewear, with any kind of style and form.

Frank Lo world has no limits of gender and age, it attracts all those who want to embrace its mission."

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