Frank Lo Eyewear Design

Located in Via del Leone a stone's throw from the historic square of San Lorenzo in Lucina in the heart of Rome, among the shopping streets, Frank Lo is a reference point in Italy for lovers of originality and quality, with a proposal of unique handcrafted eyewear and accessories on the international scene.

It presents products from all over the world, Japan, France, United States, Canada, Germany, England and Italy that reach their peak thanks to the particular materials used such as buffalo horn, gold, silver, carbon, mother of pearl, wood, cotton, stone and marble.

Frank Lo is frequented by lovers of style and innovation, who daily let themselves be moved by the constant research and sensitive communication of Massimiliano and his staff. The customer, therefore, is not considered a simple number, but the "PROTAGONIST" of this sensory journey between beauty, art and design.

The visionary spirit of Frank Lo has as its main objective to enhance the uniqueness of each individual and increase their curiosity.